How do I know what to give?

If this is your first time pledging or you are considering deepening your pledge, here is some basic information that might help you decide what the right pledge is for you.


One approach, which is rooted in the Bible, is the practice of tithing.  The word “tithe” comes from the Old English word for “tenth.” Tithing is the tradition of giving back 10% of what God has given us. Some people use tithing as a goal for making a contribution to the church.  Other people add all their charitable donations together and see tithing as a way to challenge themselves to respond to many different concerns through the church and through other organizations.


For some, the concept of giving back 10% of what they have received is inconceivable; for others, it’s the least they can do.  For all of us, our giving decision invites us to focus on the abundance that comes from God.  Pledging stretches us to be more aware of what really matters to us and more alive to the blessings that are always right in front of us.


The majority of our pledges in our congregation are in the $1,000-$5,000 dollar range, but we have leadership gifts that range from $5,000 and $20,000.  Almost 50% of our budget income comes from our church families. We leverage the dollars that we have with volunteer hours that allow us to benefit many times over from the gifts that we are given.


One way to determine the pledge that is right for you is by considering your annual income and then identifying which percentage of that amount might be appropriate as a weekly gift.  This approach allows you to consider how your pledge commitment corresponds to your other weekly expenses.


The Guide to Proportional Giving can give you an idea of how much you weekly gift would be based on a percentage of your current income.


If you feel that you would like to pledge to First Church Natick, please download and fill out the Pledge Card. Drop it in the collection plate, mail it to the office or drop it off in the office.