Michelle May - Financial Assistant

Michelle May joined the staff of First Church in January of 2014 as the Financial Assistant for both the church and our preschool.  Michelle is also a wife and a mother of three very active teenagers.  Their family has lived and been a part of the Natick community for the past 18 years.  


Michelle was already familiar with First Church before she began in her position as Financial Assistant, since all three of her children attended preschool here. She was a volunteer at the preschool from 2002- 2006 and the Co-president of Fundraising from 2004-2005.  


Michelle is usually in the office on Tuesdays to respond to any questions that you might have about your statement or envelopes or pledging. She can be reached by calling the church office; 508-653-0971 or via email at:  fccfinance@firstchurchnatick.org