Weddings and Funerals


Weddings are an exciting time. We consider it a privilege and a joy to meet and talk with couples as they plan to take this step together into their future. We welcome members, visitors and newcomers to choose First Church Natick for their ceremony or to work with its pastors to plan a service off-site. A wedding is also a sacred time and we approach preparation for this life-changing moment with respect and with reverence.


Usually there are three pre-wedding sessions so that we can discuss what this moment means to the couple spiritually as well as other issues so important to consider in making a life-long commitment. These sessions are also an opportunity to plan for the details of the ceremony. While we are delighted to welcome clergy from other denominations or traditions to participate in the wedding ceremony, one of the pastors of First Church Natick must officiate for weddings held in our sanctuary.

As an Open and Affirming congregation, we have been performing LGBTQ wedding ceremonies since Massachusetts legalized same-sex marriage!




Funerals and Memorial Services:


The sanctuary of First Church Natick has been a place where families and friends have gathered for generations to remember and celebrate the life of a loved one, but families may also choose a funeral home for the location of the ceremony. In either case, our pastors meet with the family to plan a personalized service that is often an opportunity for laughter and tears to mix. Family members or friends are also welcome to share memories or a reading as part of the service. At the church, organ or piano music often helps to frame the gathering. Soloists or instrumentalists may be available. The church has a Bose CD player on which it is possible to play recorded music.


The funeral home has a wide range of recorded music available. Most often the funeral director will initiate the process when a death is unexpected but if you would like to meet beforehand to discuss planning either for yourself or a loved one, we would welcome the opportunity. While we are delighted to welcome clergy from other denominations or traditions to participate in a funeral or memorial service, one of the pastors of First Church must officiate for a service held in our sanctuary.



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